Chairman of Qatar's Gaza Reconstruction Committee Unveils Details of Qatari Grant

Chairman of the Qatari National Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, HE Ambassador Mohammed Al Emadi, revealed details of the disbursement of the recent Qatari grant of QR 31 million ($9 million).

Speaking Monday during a press conference at Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, Al Emadi said that $2.6 million would be allocated for food parcels, blankets and upholstery, $500,000 for hospital fuel, sewage pumps and the Ministry of Health, noting that they will be good for a month. He added that $2 million will be dedicated to medicines.

As for renovating homes of the poor, HE Al Emadi said that $1 million was allocated for that purpose, while another $1 million will be used to pay the fees of university students. Finally, $2 million will be allocated for humanitarian and morbidity cases.


HE Al Emadi said that under the current difficult and complicated circumstances, HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani was proudly at the forefront of those taking the initiative to extend a helping hand to the people of Gaza at a time when they suffer from oppression. HE the ambassador added that HH the Emir's move proves that he stood by the people of Gaza before and now, and will continue to do that in the future.

HE Ambassador Al Emadi expressed hope that the State of Qatar's move to provide humanitarian relief will act as a strong incentive, after which an international move would take place in order to save the people of Gaza from the humanitarian tragedy they are experiencing.

He stressed the need to find a permanent solution to the issue of Gaza employees within the framework of the Palestinian reconciliation, saying that if the reconciliation happens, the crisis of the employees will end. He added that there must be radical solutions to the issue of employees not only the salaries of a month or two.

The chairman of the Qatari National Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza reaffirmed that the State of Qatar is in constant contact with the Palestinian government, the United Nations and international institutions for joint coordination and cooperation so as to help the people of Gaza.